FIRST PAGE: Eve's Own Eden by Karin Mutch, Harlequin, 1971.

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Eve's Own Eden by Karin Mutch Vintage 1971 Harlequin Romance Paperback – Monster Books and Items


At twenty, Eve Mannering was still a complete tomboy, uncaring about her appearance and wanting nothing (she said) but the free-and-easy life she led on her father's farm. Lance Calandra told her she ought to grow up and develop some self-confience--but that wasn't easy, was it, when Lance himself made it so obvious that he had eyes for no one but Eve's glamorous older sister?


Eve closed the door behind her with an impatient slam. It was almost dusk and was dark inside the house. Nevertheless, she did not pause to switch on any lights as she strode through to the lounge and out on to the front portion of the veranda.

"You're late back," her father remarked. He was sitting in his favourite seat on the veranda, smoking his pipe and watching the sun go down. 

"That damned dog!" Eve gave an exasperated sigh. She sat herself down on the top step as she usually did and sprawled her legs down over the three lower steps.

"King again?"

"Yes, King again! If he doesn't get himself shot before much longer then it won't be his fault."

Joe Mannering laughed. "Not King. He's too smart for that."

"Oh, yes? Well, anyway, I've left him to it. I called to both him and Josh after I'd finished up at the cowsheds. Josh came and King went haring off across the paddock, barking his head off and stampeding the cows. I chased him a fair way and then tripped over the electric wire you've just put up to keep the cows from wandering into the mangold patch..."

"Typical," her father interrupted dryly. He didn't find it too difficult to imagine the air turning a shade blue. He had long since reached the conclusion that his daughter was accident-prone, and it was common knowledge that when one thing went wrong it was often followed by a series of other mishaps.



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Eve's Own Eden by Karin Mutch Vintage 1971 Harlequin Romance Paperback – Monster Books and Items

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