FIRST PAGE: The Yearbook Killer by Tom Philbin, Fawcett Gold Medal, 1981.

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The Yearbook Killer by Tom Philbin Vintage 1981 Gold Medal Paperback T – Monster Books and Items


You're invited to a class reunion. Everyone will be there. The best dressed...and most likely to murder...

Graduation Day. The class of '56 was celebrating at the beach. Then, something happened...

Twenty-four years later, no one could remember what it was. Except the killer who whispered the secret to each of his victims before he destroyed them.

When Nancy Bragg opened the envelope with the obscene yellow doll, she realized that her turn was coming. The killer wanted her to know. But the years had erased the memory of that long ago day. And life had not been easy for a widow with a teenage son.

Now, Nancy Bragg was a target marked for death. A killing machine is on the loose. And in a chilling, terrifying race against time, it falls to detective Joe Grimes to unravel this bizarre and grisly puzzle and protect the woman he has begun to love against a reunion with death.

Page 1:

At aroung eight o'clock Wednesday morning June 13, the woman, whose name was Nancy Bragg, and her son, Tim, entered the maroon barnlike building that housed the ticket office of the railroad station at Huntington, a town on the north shore of Long Island.

She was an attractive woman with an oval face, large, dark eyes, straight nose and full mouth and lithesome figure. She looked younger than her age, forty-four, but this was hinted at by her hair, which was slightly flecked with gray.

The boy, who was sixteen, did not resemble his mother. He was a little taller, gangly, with a shock of unruly blond hair and a freckled face, blue eyes and softer features. He most resembled his father, who was deceased. The boy wore dungarees, and a black satin jacket with the words "Camp Blackfoot" emblazoned on the back in red script. He was carrying a plaid suitcase.


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The Yearbook Killer by Tom Philbin Vintage 1981 Gold Medal Paperback T – Monster Books and Items

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