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Illusions by Jessica March PB Paperback 1988 Vintage Novel Warner Book – Monster Books and Items


She fought a woman's battle in a man's world - but followed her own shimmering dream.

She kept her promises... especially the one a woman makes to herself.

Willie Dellahaye had seen too much of the pain of love and the power of extravagant wealth before she became a her beautiful mother fell victim to a husband's betrayal, the temptations of Palm Springs luxury, and the price tag placed on games of sex and money. It taught Willie a brutal lesson about survival that grew into a driving obsession: to learn all the rules; to become a vibrant, glamorours woman; and then, as America's most brilliant divorce attorney, to get even.

But even at the top of her diamond-studded world could she escape the tormenting memories that had once shattered her heart? Or would her nights be filled with the dreams of the one man whose slow, sweet kisses had given her a taste of passion, awakened in her an appetite for ecstasy, and left her with a raging hunger...for everything she feared, but wanted forever more.


Willa Dellahaye gazed through the plane window at the endless stretch of barren sand, remembering the ancient phrase the Arabs used to describe this part of the world--Rub-al-Khali, "The Empty Quarter." All the vast wealth that had come to this region through the fateful discovery of oil had not been enough to transform the trackless waste into a place of green. Even wealth and luck together, Willie thought, could not be the answer for everything.

Today the vista of emptiness stretching to the horizon struck a chord deep within her. There was a part of her that remained barren, a part where nothing grew. For all her success, she had not been able to change her own "empty quarter."

A voice jarred Willie from her reflection. "Miss Dellahaye, the captain has informed me that we'll be landing in twenty minutes."

She turned from the window and thanked the uniformed steward. 

He lingered, a deferential smile on his dark face. "Has everything been satisfactory?"

"Yes, of course, thank you." How could it fail to be? The personal Boeing 727 of Seif al-Rahman was outfitted no less luxuriously than her own penthouse at the Pierre. She had slept on silk sheets in the plane's private bedroom, had dined last night and again this morning on meals served on Wedgwood china, prepared by a chef who worked exclusively aboard the private jet. The flight from New York had taken twelve hours, but the relief from her hectic schedule had made Willie feel the trip was more a vacation than an ordeal.



Jessica March is the pen name of fiction writer Robert J. Rosenblum.

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Illusions by Jessica March PB Paperback 1988 Vintage Novel Warner Book – Monster Books and Items

Some excerpts of Goodreads reviews:

"4 stars, Was a great find."

"Impressive and breathtaking."

"Read this about 7 times. One of my favourite books."

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