FIRST PAGE: You Can Know How to Defeat Satan A Spiritual Strategy for Victory by Morris Cerullo, 2002.

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You Can Know How to Defeat Satan by Morris Cerullo PB Paperback 2002 R – Monster Books and Items


Dr. Morris Cerullo, President, Morris Cerullo World Evangelism. Over 56 Years of Proven Ministry to the Nations of the World.

Book on methods and Scriptures to defeat satan.

Very good practical book on spiritual warfare with good scriptural references.


The Revelation Of The New Anointing

God's Word says, " shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."
 - JOHN 8:32

One of the greatest truths that God has ever revealed to me, for fighting...and for winning...every the great spiritual warfare in which we are the revelation of the New Anointing.

This revelation not only has revolutionized my life and ministry, but it has done so to the lives and ministries of countless ministers and Christian lay people around the world with whom I have shared this teaching.

I have testimony after testimony on file of people (literally thousands) who have learned these truths and have applied them in their own lives to witness the most amazing answers to prayers that they have ever known. Using these truths, they have prayed in the Spirit to grasp victories that have eluded them for years.

It was on the Island of Grenada in the West Indies, in 1964, when God began to reveal the truth of the New Anointing to my heart.

At that time He was using me in a tremendous manner on the foreign fields of this world. Tens of thousands would journey for miles by every conceivable method, often on foot, to attend our crusades in Asia, South and Central America, Korea, and Africa. Multiplied thousands would surrender their lives at the close of every service to accept Jesus as their Savior. Thousands more would be healed of terrible afflictions...goiters, tumors, deafness, lameness, blindness and arthritis. It was a common sight to see six deaf mutes healed in one service.



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You Can Know How to Defeat Satan by Morris Cerullo PB Paperback 2002 R – Monster Books and Items

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